My Committee Work

We all know about some of the work that MPs do – speaking and voting in Parliament, attending community events, listening to local residents and helping constituents if they are having a problem with the Government.

The work that some MPs do on Committees is less well known, but very important, and is another substantial demand on our time. I am a member of a number of Standing Committees in Parliament. These committees hold inquiries into important national issues and Government projects, consult with people and organisations all over Australia to find out what people think about them, and produce reports which help to make sure that Government policy reflects the concerns and needs of the Australians who will be affected.

I am a member of the following committees – which are ones that I think are most relevant to issues that matter to the people of Fisher.


House of Representatives Standing Committee on Infrastructure, Transport and Cities

This Committee holds inquiries into the Infrastructure and transport projects that Australia needs. In our rapidly growing region, with important transport challenges on the Bruce Highway and the rail line between Brisbane and Nambour, I know that our community is particularly concerned about the future of infrastructure in Australia. I am currently acting as the Chair of this Committee, which helps me to play a role in shaping the Government’s approach to building the infrastructure we need.

You can find out more about this committee at:


House of Representatives Standing Committee on Employment, Education and Training

I want to help to make Fisher the place to be for Education, Employment and Retirement. I know that people on the Sunshine Coast are very committed to local education and employment opportunities. We need to train highly skilled people here so that they will stay on the Coast and build our community, and we need to create the jobs of the future that are going to ensure our region is successful in the decades to come. My place on this Committee helps me to play a role in shaping education and employment policies to give regions like ours the best chance for a bright future.

You can find out more about this committee at:


Joint Standing Committee on the National Disability Insurance Scheme

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is the biggest Government healthcare project in decades. It will not be rolling out on the Sunshine Coast until 2019. I want to use that time to ensure that the NDIS is working as well as it possibly can, ready to come to our community. I am part of this committee so that I can help to shape how the NDIS is improved as it is implemented. I also want to ensure that the NDIS will help to support people in Fisher who are living with a psycho-social disability, as part of my work on mental health.

You can find out more about this committee at: