I know that many of us are deeply concerned about the impacts of the on-going coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on our health and financial security. Australia is not immune from this pandemic, but we are one of the best prepared countries in the world to deal with it.

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Getting Help from Centrelink

Please do not go to a Centrelink Service Centre in person. See below for what to do.


You can now register an 'intent to claim' at All you need is a myGov account, linked to Medicare or the Australian Taxation Office services. Once you have lodged that intent to claim Services Australia will phone you back as soon as possible to take you through the remaining steps. Your payments will be backdated to the day you lodged your intent to claim. There is no need to phone Centrelink or to attend a Centrelink Service Centre. However if you have any problems you can call Services Australia on 13 25 80.

If you do not have a myGov account you can create one here. If you have problems you can contact the MyGov Helpdesk on 13 23 07.

If you have ever had a Centrelink Reference Number you have that number for life so you can use that number now to apply for support straight away through


Mutual obligation requirements for JobSeeker Payments have been lifted until 31 March 2020, which means no one will be penalised for not being able to report their attendance at appointments or activities.

If you already receive eligible payments from Centrelink you do not need to do anything to receive the new Economic Support Payment or the Coronavirus Supplement. These will be added to your payments automatically.

Please do not call or visit Centrelink unless you have urgent or required business.


The most important thing that we can all do is to stay calm, take precautions, and carry on as best we can.

As Australians I believe we are the best equipped nation in the world to deal with coronavirus and the resulting economic challenges for three reasons. First, we are an island nation and at times like this it is a good thing to be a long way from anywhere. Second, we have one of the best universal health care systems in the world. Third, we have a fiscally responsible and stable Federal Government that has managed the country’s finances carefully over the past seven years to ensure that we can respond to situations like this.

There are going to be serious challenges ahead. However, if we stay calm and patient, work together and look after one another, there is no doubt that we will come out of this difficult time stronger than ever; just as we have so many times before.


Authorised by Andrew Wallace MP, Liberal National Party, 11/10 Lake Kawana Blvd, Bokarina, QLD, 4575