My Ready, Set, Go! program delivers a bursary of up to $1,000 to one student in the electorate of Fisher, three times a year. It is available to students under the age of 25 living in Fisher who are in their final year of education and preparing to enter the world of work - in particular in 2020, those students who are aiming to enter an apprenticeship or traineeship.

This Bursary is currently open to new applications until 5pm on Monday 16 November 2020.

I know that a lot of young people on the Sunshine Coast love their home towns and want to be close to their families but particularly following COVID-19, many of you feel like you have to leave our community to fulfil your professional ambitions. However, with innovative, high tech companies, financial services success stories, online and digital experts and many more now operating and growing in our region, the Sunshine Coast today can offer so much more to ambitious young locals like you than ever before.

As part of my plan to help the Sunshine Coast to recover from COVID-19, I want to make it just that little bit easier to stay here and take your next step in the world of work.

In 2020, this program will focus specifically on students who are aiming to begin an apprenticeship or traineeship and the bursary will be available to support anything which will help you achieve that goal. In future years the program will include other school and university leavers.

This program is not prescriptive, and I am keen to hear from you about what your needs are, and what support would make the biggest difference for you in getting an apprenticeship or traineeship. However, you might like to consider making an application for tools of your chosen trade, for interview essentials, additional training programs, or support to attend a conference or employment expo.

To make an application when they open again fill in the form below and tell me why you need support to prepare for an apprenticeship or traineeship and what you would use the bursary toward. 

To apply you must live in the Federal electorate of Fisher. You can find a map of Fisher’s boundaries here:

You can find full terms and conditions beneath the application form below.


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Andrew Wallace: Ready Set Go!

Terms and Conditions

  1. Andrew Wallace’s Ready Set Go bursaries are designed to provide eligible applicants under the age of 25, who are due to enter the workforce in the next 12 months with a $1,000.00 bursary to further their pathway through education and/or training. In 2020, they will be available to students who are aiming to apply for an apprenticeship or traineeship specifically.

Examples of eligible people:

Kate is 21 and is finishing her final year of University in 2020. Kate would like to use funding to undertake skills training in working with Indigenous communities before she takes up a traineeship in far north Queensland.

Angus is 15 and will complete  Year 10 in 2020. He will be seeking an apprenticeship in 2021 and would like a grant towards the purchase of some new tools.

  1. This bursary will be offered three times in 2020: May, August and November.

Why have the Ready Set Go bursaries been established?

  1. Andrew Wallace is determined to see the electorate of Fisher become the place to be for Education, Employment and Retirement. He is driven to ensure his community has every opportunity to succeed in their choice of education, be fulfilled in their employment and comfortable in their retirement.
  2. Mr Wallace advocates strongly for his electorate in all three of these areas and this newly announced bursary program will continue to build on his commitment to helping make opportunities available for people throughout Fisher.

Who can apply?

  1. This bursary is for young Australians living in the Fisher electorate who are completing their secondary or tertiary education and who need some additional support to help prepare them for the workforce - specifically, in preparing to begin an apprenticeship or traineeship.  Applicants can include those completing secondary school from Year 10 onwards as well as those completing an undergraduate degree or a masters degree at university and everything in between, providing they intend to commence an apprenticeship or traineeship the following calendar year  (”the principles”).   

How you can apply

  1. Applications can be sent via the website of Mr Wallace:
  2. All applicants will be asked to answer a series of questions as part of their application in order to demonstrate their suitability in accordance with the principles.
  3. Applications will open as close as possible to the first day of a stated month and close approximately 15 days later. For example, the first round will open on Thursday 28 May and close on Monday 15 June.
  4. One successful applicant each round will be notified of their success approximately five days after applications close. The winner will meet with Mr Wallace for a presentation and to record an interview in which they can share their personal experiences and explain how this bursary will assist them.

What you can receive funding for

  1. This bursary can be used towards the cost of a training course, for example a machine licence or a barista course, tools of trade, to put towards the purchase of some new work appropriate clothing such as a suit and business shoes or steel cap boots and a safety uniform, or other purposes which will enhance the applicant’s opportunities for gaining full time employment, and in 2020, specifically an apprenticeship or traineeship.

What will not be funded:

  1. No cash payments will be made directly to the successful applicant. The $1,000 bursary will be used towards the purchase of goods and / or services consistent with the principles of the bursary (see previous section).
  2. Anything that does not enhance the applicant’s opportunities for employment.


  1. Mr Wallace will be the sole arbiter of the merits of each application and no justification or communication will be entered into as to the reasons applicants were unsuccessful. 
  2. By completing an application under the Ready, Set, Go! program, applicants expressly agree that they have read and understood these Terms and Conditions and agree to be irrevocably bound by them. 

Mr Wallace reserves his right to withdraw funding to a successful applicant and award the funding to an alternative applicant if during any due diligence, the successful applicant is considered not to have acted with bona fides.  Mr Wallace will be the sole arbiter as to whether an application has been made with bona fides.   

You didn’t receive funding in a previous round

15. Unsuccessful applicants will be required to reapply to be considered for further rounds.

More information

Email: or call 07 5493 5556.

Authorised by Andrew Wallace MP, Liberal National Party, 11/10 Lake Kawana Blvd, Bokarina, QLD, 4575